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About ySense

Foundation of Ysense– 2007

Parent company – Prodege LLC Family

FounderJoseph Gorowitz (Prodege) & James Grago (Clixense)

Location – P.O. Box 70, Manhattan Beach, CA 90267, USA

Other CompaniesSwagbucks, inbox dollars, tada, mypoints

ySense is an advertising company which was founded in 2007 in Socorro USA. It works on task bases. It provides users with several tasks like surveys and offers and once you finish them you are rewarded with a predefined amount of money in return. You can make money with paid online surveys, quick tasks, and different cash offers.

ySense was previously named Clixsense. Later in August 2019, it changed its name to ySense. It started as a PTC site – Paid To Click and now it has been developed into a GTP site which means Get To Paid site.

The GTP network of ySense helps its users to earn a handsome amount of money by finishing surveys, tasks, affiliates, and cash offers! It has the best affiliate programs available online to make a lot of money by fulfilling the offer tasks. It also offers commission on direct referrals when they finish their task. The same applies to the referrals as well. By joining the process they also can make money and hence there is a Win-Win situation for both of them.

What is ySense?

Ysense is a platform that helps you to earn money online. The same way Google helps to earn money through Adsense, the same way it helps to make money online. The difference is that ySense is a completely free platform that allows us to earn extra cash without any investment! Many people across the globe are using ySense to generate a great side income for themselves.

How does ySense work?

ySense was created for the purpose of providing opportunities to those who really want to earn extra money. It allows you to earn from the comfort of your home and rewards on all your achievements.

You can choose your forte to start working with. Either surveying, or using simple tasks to unlock your first income, you will be guided thoroughly by it if you need any help. You can always contact Ysense customer care department for anything that you think is not legit or if you have any queries. Now Let’s talk about how it works!

Register your account :

Use this link to directly recah to register account page andFollow the given instructions below to create an account or register your account.

Register using Mobile :

Register using Desktop :

Who can join ySense?

There are certain criterias to meet to join ySense. Here is the checklist

  1. Age Barrier :

USA : Minimum age for a USA citizen is 13 years

Other Nations : Minimum age requirements to kick start is 16 years

2. Availability : ySense is avaialable world wide so you can start working from wherever you are if you have the mobile phone or a laptop/desktop with internet connection

Payouts/Cashouts on ySense

You must be wondering how can you receive paymnets and when can you withdraw the amount. Cashouts are very easy and convenient on this platform. There are several options you can use to withdraw your earnings.

Cashout Methods

Here is all the available options through which you can withdraw your earnings with the minimum amount you can withdraw,

PayPalMinimum $10
Paypal EUR – Minimum $25Minimum $25
PayoneerMinimum $25
SkrillMinimum $5.05
AmazonMinimum $ 5
SteamMinimum $10
ZalandoMinimum $11
Reward Link ItalyMinimum $12
Amazon GBPMinimum $10
Amazon DEMinimum $1
Amazon ESMinimum $20
Amazon ITMinimum $11.50

How to Cashout your earning?

Cashouts are very easy and a click away matter. First things first, you need to integrate one of the above account with ySense. Once you have minimum amonut of money mentioned above, You can withdraw it. Simply click on cashouts and choose the method you wnat to use for withdrawal and you are done! Note that you need to meet the payout method threshold to withdraw the amount.

How log does it take to transfer the money?

In general, ySense transfers funds within 2 -5 business days once the task is complete. Later, depending on the payout you choose it gets transferred to your bank account. I use Paypal and it usually pays withing 2-4 business days. So overall it may take up to 8-10 days. Note that if you have the new account it may take up to 15 days as well. Also if you are living in North America, You need to provide your proper postal address to the cashout method your choose.

What all countries ySense is available in?

ySense is a global online community with top tier countries Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, united Kingdom and United States.

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Now you can start working on the guiven tasks to make your first freelancing income. Complete tasks, watch videos, do surveys, cash offers, affiliate programs and start generating a side source of income. Do refer your friends & family members so that they too can earn money with you.

If you have any queries regarding the process of signing up by mobile or by desktop, feel free to comment your inquiry below. I would love to resolve your problem. If you like the above information and want to start earning with ySense, please share this page on your social media and also refer to your circle and see results.

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