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Let’s make money online in India! The sentece seems bit dramatic for some people but you can alsways give it a thought. Are you looking for an escape from your 9 to 5 job and want to do something bigger and better in life? Want to become your own boss by not reporting at sharp 9 AM st office? Also, the fear of getting late and losing half a day’s salary is very real. Why not choose an option to work from home and find a way to make money online? As we all know, due to the high population of India, job opportunities are less and very competitive. Apart from this, getting a job that does not pay you the amount that can help you meet your expenses is not worth spending time on.

Imagine spending 9 hours daily at a job place and not getting enough pay is the real situation in India. Isn’t there a better way where you can work at your own convenience, lesser working hours, and earn in dollars?

Why just think always when you can actually do it? Let’s take a look at the following best 10 ways to earn money online by using several platforms.

Best 10 ways to earn online

1. Freelance – Work Online And Get Paid in India

Some of the skills that are in high demand that can help you make money online in India are Graphic Designing, Blogging, article writing, Content Writing, Copywriting, Journalism, Programming, Web development & designing, etc.

How to Start?

The process is very simple, all platforms have free logins.

What you have to do is,

Create an account on either of the below platforms

Log in to your account

Create a strong profile with the skills you are interested in or experienced in.

Optimize your profile for better search results for users

You are all set to start off your first freelance contract.

Wondering From Where To Start?

There are multiple platforms available on Google that can really help you to work freelance at your own convenience and from your favorite place and make money online from your home. Not sure about the legit platforms?

Well. Here is the list of the 10 best platforms that can help you work freelancing from any corner of the world and make money in dollars.



Chegg India


Freelance India



Work in hire

People Per hour


Learn more about these platforms…

2.  YouTubing For Earning

You must be watching hundreds of Vlogs in your day-to-day life. Try making your own VLog and earn money by monetizing your channel.

Whatever your interests are, singing, dancing, gaming, playing, talking, eating food, cooking food, general knowledge or any topic in the world, you can start making YouTube videos on it and upload them on your channel. Slowly if your content is refreshing and unique, people will start liking it and you will be able to earn money from that.

How to do that?

  • Decide a specific field you want to make videos on, where you can create unique content
  • Create your own YouTube channels
  • Start creating Videos on your Mobile phone or Camera if your have
  • Upload videos on regular basis to get the best engagement on your videos
  • Start checking the analytics after a month to understand the analytics of the channel
  • Start creating more and more content on the videos that have higher engagement 
  • Optimize your Channel as per user experience
  • Keep on working on it for at least 6 months to see visible results

Note – For people who cannot keep patience in their life, should not choose YouTubing as this may take some time to get results and make money online.

3. Earn Money Online through Affiliate Marketing

First of all, let us understand what is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a virtual shop where you can sell things. Exactly the way you purchase things from amazon and flipkart in India, the same way you can sell the products on these platforms for free. The most amazing part is that you don’t need your own product to sell online. You can use free platforms like Amazon affiliate programs and get started off.

What is required to start?

  • An active website, app, blog, or your own channel to promote
  • Mandatory to disclose that you are an Amazon Associate.
  • Your site must have Privacy Policy that states that you follow all the rules and regulations required 
  • Sale your first 3 products within 180 days
  • Maintain Pricing confidentiality on your website
  • Product hunting on Amazon
  • Site Optimization, of course

How it works,

  • Partner with sites that can provide you affiliate platform
  • Example: Amazon & Flipkart in India
  • Get the Affiliate product link to use on your website
  • Follow the rules and regulations that are necessary 

#hack – share your link with as many people as you can and whenever they will purchase a product using your link, you will directly get a commission on that product.

The commission on product sales depends on the niche of your product ranging from 1% to 20% on each sale.

Tip – Social Media is the best platform to share your link and get sales through your link.

This is how affiliate marketing can benefit you in earning money online.

4.  Social Media – My personal favorite tool to Earn Money Online

Social Media is something we all love and spend most of our free time on it. Accepting the fact that it is a waste of our time, why not start using Social Media to make money? This is the most entertaining way to spend time on Social Media and get paid for it. 

How to do it,

  • Create a public account on different Social Media Platforms such as Instagram mainly, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest.
  • Select a specific topic to start off
  • Create a bio that can directly state what is your account about and never forget to mention if you have a website and other channels people can check if they visit your profile
  • Start creating content that is engaging and people will be interested in

Tip- use the songs that are trending and use the trending videos for your ideas that can attract people 

  • Use 3 different types of hashtags that can include your keywords – low key, medium, and high searched keywords will increase your chances of visibility easily
  • Never forget to use your primary keyword in your caption
  • Provide necessary details in the caption
  • Prefer to post a variety of posts such as posts, stories, reels, and videos
  • Be regular on posting – daily one post is necessary
  • Always use text in your videos and posts
  • Use appealing cover image for your reels

Social Media can also be used for business purposes by creating a business page and selling products there

Develop a habit of learning something new daily to be updated on different trends.

5. Virtual Assistant

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is someone who will work part-time remotely and provide administrative support for a company by performing duties like making phone calls, arranging meetings, planning business trips, booking hotels and flights, receiving emails and replying to emails.

In this way, you do not have to commute to the workplace and you can save your travel time as well as you can also work part time with easy working terms and conditions.

What is required for this post,

  • Minimum high school or more education
  • Experience as an Admin will be a plus for sure
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills especially in English
  • Computer literacy
  • Microsoft office is a must

6. Online Teaching

If you are someone with a good educational background and who can explain things really well, then my friend, you can do this for sure! Teaching online is something that will be an easy job even for people who cannot teach physically because of the fear of forgetting things in the classroom or making mistakes due to fear in the classroom. Online teaching does not have any of them so you can easily set up a small camera set up using a tripod in a room and can start your journey as an Online tutor. People are seeking knowledge from wherever they can and in this digital era, people are more up to learning online. 

Platforms to use

  1. You can platforms like Zoom, Google Meet and Skype for sharing your knowledge
  2. Make a full course and sell it on websites like Udemy or Coursera
  3. Register with companies like Chegg

This will give you good amount of money in Dollars on hourly basis

7. Writing Articles 

If you enjoy researching and writing on different topics, Article writing can be a really good source of earning. There are plenty of companies you can find online who are in need of someone who can write articles for their company profiles. If they like your article, they will pay you for writing articles for their company. Trust me, you can earn up to 5000/- per article. This might take maybe 2-3 days to write an article initially, but once you will get one or two months experience, you will be able to finish one article in a day with full determination.

Always remember the quality matters.

8. Sell Online and Earn Money Online

The way it has been mentioned that you can do affiliate marketing with platforms like AMazon and FLipkart by getting the product link of those platforms, you can also sell your own products on these platforms. Amazon and Flipkart are the most widely popular and known among businessmen for selling their own products here.

How To do that.

  1. Register your business either on Amazon or Flipkart or both.
  2. Add your products with necessary details on the portal and start selling
  3. These platforms are completely free to use the platform but Amazon will charge referral fees on each sold item. Mostly the average charges remain between 8% to 15 % whereas Flipkart charges differently.

Kindly check this link to understand Flipkart charges structure –

The best benefit of selling directly using these platforms is that there is no mediator between the manufacturer and the consumer. This will raise your business profit as well as help you understand the consumer nature on a wide basis.

9. Blogging for Earning Money online in India

According to the World Population review, India was the second largest Internet user in January, 2022 followed by China on the first rank. Imagine the scope of getting success on online platforms. If you are someone who is good at researching about various topics and getting into the real details of the topics, then blogging can be a huge profitable freelance job for you. The more the unique the content is, the more views you will receive. These reviews will make you money from Google.

How to do it?

  1. Decide the Niche( tho topic you want to write on) 

Note –  Make sure, the niche is not only for one blog, you need to study the topic thoroughly and write on each aspect of it.

  1. Choose your hosting platform and register your domain
  2. Easy options for blogging platforms – WordPress and
  3. Choose a Simple yet elegant theme for the blog page
  4. Write unique – copy free content in details that can answer the readers queries.
  5. Study and research on how to go through the process and start blogging
  6. Learn how to do SEO – very important factor for ranking your blog
  7. Learn about the SEO factors to focus on for ranking your blog

Note – Be patient, as blogging is not something that will give you results in weeks or a month. Keep on working for 6 months to get monetized results in Dollars.

If you do not want to spend for buying hosting, then you have a free blogging platform called “” where you can start you own blog for completely free and make money online in India.

10. Google Adsense – Earn Money With 0 Investment

One of the best and easiest yet free ways to make money online in India is Google Adsense. 

What is required to get started?

  • A website
  • Your Own Blog
  • YouTube Channel

You should have either of these 3 things to get started. And you are sorted to start earning money online without any further expense. 

How does this work?

  • Register your website/blog/YouTube channel with Google Adsense
  • Do some research and find the highest paying ads by Google
  • Select the spot where you want the ad
  • Leave the money part on google search engine

Google pays 68% off the 100% to the publishers. For Example, if the advertiser spends 1000 USD, google will pay 680 USD to the publishers and that is a really good ratio for the publishers.

Why not start today then? Waiting and thinking of doing it, will just waste your time. Better do it not today, but right now!

Different Platforms for making money in India from home

Apart From the platforms mentioned above, there few more platforms that will help you start something online for making money in India.


Web stories by Google



Dream jobs

Design hills


Hubstaff Talent

Working Nomads



Note – Always reaseach on each of the platform before starting to get the details and get better results.

Who can earn from online platforms

There is no age barriers when it comes to earn money online in India or in any other country. The person with Computer & English literacy, who can write and understand the language can start. Moreoever, for some of the platforms, they provide regional language as the medium of data transfer. for example, if you are interested in writing blogs, then it is not necessary to write the blogs only in English, you can start your blog in any of the language that you are comfortable or that can give you better exposure to wide audience.

How the online earning platforms work

The online platforms help in earing money from home is a blessing for the people who cannot fit in the 9 to 5 sturcture. But for helping you earn money with the help of different online sources, you need to pay some amount to them for helping you get online work.

For Example, Fiverr is chargeing 5.5% of the purchage amount fees on your gigs. and if the amount is lesser than $50 then there will be additional $2 charges.

Upwork have its own way of chargeing. If the earning is between $0-$500 then the service fees by upwork is 20%, if earning is betweeen $500.01 to $10,000, the service fees is 10% and if the earning is more than $10,000.01, the service charge is only 5%.

Tips and Tricks for getting results

  • Keep Patience
  • Be unique
  • Never Copy
  • Deliver the best quality work


It’s Never too late for starting to become your own boss. The world is getting digitalized, so the India is. There is a great future of online working platforms as the technology is getting into each and every field so this will definitely help you to earn more in future.

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