Off-Page SEO

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO is an action performed outside the website to rank the website in SERPs.

Off-Page SEO represents every activity that is not online such as ranking your website in SERPs and page speed. It has been vital for optimizing your website.

By organizing and executing proper Off-Page SEO, you can create a visible difference, resulting in higher rankings.

Off-page SEO is related to use links from other certified and high-quality websites to increase your domain authority. Such links are called backlinks. If your backlinks are from authoritative websites, it will increase your domain authority. The relevant topics including relevant backlinks from similar niches help to rank higher in SERPs.

Definitely, On-Page SEO factors such as inbound and outbound links help to increase ranking on the website. At the same time without Off-Page SEO it is sometimes hard to rank on the top positions in Search Engines.
Hence, it is a very important technic to be optimized while working on SEO factors. Off-Page SEO helps to know about the audience’s opinion and social presence.

For the whole process, it is very important to have unique content. Content should not be copied or in brief. It should give detailed ideas about your niche. It will help you to get backlinks from authority websites.

Links should be from other trusted sites to help your site to improve its rankings. This means your content is also trustable. Viewers can trust your site and lead to high rankings in search engines.

If your site’s trust score is high, it will bring more traffic to your site. This could be done through internal and external links. Generally, when a crawler visits your website, it will also crawl the pages linked with the web page. You can provide such links with help of an anchor tag.

If you use the Dofollow link, the crawler will allow the given link to crawl also. This way both the sites can improve their traffic.
But if you use the Nofollow link, the crawler will not be able to crawl that site along with yours.

Make sure that you do not just use Dofollow links by thinking that it would result in a quick traffic boost to your website. If you will just use Dofollow links, some possibilities may look like you are just doing this for the sake of rankings. And search engines according to their algorithm might decrease your web page rankings.
Rather use a combination of both, Dofollow and Nofollow links that will make your website trustworthy. You can use the ratio of 60- 40 or 70-30 to make it more genuine.

Always keep in mind that you use trusted sites for linking. Such as sites with .edu, .org, any government sites, and sites that are already having good traffic.
Note-Sites with high DA and PA with low spam scores should be chosen to link.

How is it helpful?

Off-Page SEO is directly related to your page’s domain authority.

The score is basically between 1-100. The higher the score, the higher your site will rank in SERPs.

But for increasing that rankings in SERPs, You need to work on several Off-Page SEO factors.

Off-Page SEO is mainly dependent on a variety of links.

Important Factors for creating quality backlinks

  1. Backlinks
  2. Anchor text
  3. Follow and no-follow links
  4. Link juice
  5. Relevancy


As a beginner when you start learning about website trafficking, you come across the terms like internal links, outbound links, and inbound links.
When you dig deeper, you may also come across Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks.
You must have known that these links are building blocks to generate traffic to your website and help to rank your page in SERPs.
Let us understand the exact meaning of these links.

Types of Links

  1. In bound links- When other website is giving you a link
  2. Out bound Links- When you give links to other websites

1. Inbound Links

Inbound Links are also known as Backlinks.
Usually, Backlinks are generated when any other website gives a link to your website.
When you have quality inbound links, it is considered that your content is also high quality and trusted content to be ranked.
When any High-quality authoritative websites give you links on their page, it is backlinks for you. Basically, these links got your back as a support system.

For example, if your content is linked with any authoritative website sharing the same content by Google crawler that means that you received a backlink.
The quality links work as proof of the quality of your content.
It is considered that more quality links would result in a high ranking in SERPs.

Moreover, these links also work to create referral traffic to your site.
Because the authority webpage that has given you the backlink is already ranking in SERPs. Hence, when any viewer visits that website and clicks on the links of your page. Ultimately this will increase traffic on your page.


1.Providing a direct link on others’ websites may result in blocking your website directly on that website. So be sure that you would avoid that.
2.Using anchor text is the best way to tell about your site’s existence as well as making your content noticed by others.
3.Make sure that you use proper anchor text for link building.

How to write anchor text for getting backlinks?

It is too simple to create an anchor text. You will only require only three things

1..URL of your website
2.The content Topic
3.A niche

Let us understand how to write an anchor text,
Here is the exact way you should be writing an anchor text,

< a href=”Enter URL of your page” title=” title of your page>Digital Marketing(category)</a>

As you can see above, provide the necessary information and simply leave a comment in the comment box of the authoritative website.

Note:- Before commenting on an anchor text, you should check whether that site is providing an option of Dofollow or Nofollow backlinks. If the site is not giving the option then all your efforts will go in vain.

Moreover, never forget to check if the web page has a low spam score(no more than 30% is considered good) with high DA and PA.

How to Build Inbound Links|Backlinks?

First and the foremost requirement to grow traffic and to get quality backlinks is writing “Quality Content”
Content is the king of your webpage. It works as fuel in the vehicle.

In-depth and high-quality content is the ultimate road to link building as well as trafficking.

Relevant and detailed content will make users share it with other interested people.

It will indirectly help you to draw a high number of viewers to your page. Moreover, related websites will not mind giving you backlinks to your site.

It basically works as social media. For example, when you see certain posts on Instagram, and you find them informative, you will share them with the people who will benefit from reading. The mechanism is similar for Backlinks.

Why Building Backlinks is Important for SEO

  1. Increase ranking: As mentioned above high quality backlinks provides quality to your website and ultimately it results in higher rankings.
  2. Brand Building: When your page page is recognized to be best content, it will create a your own branding.
  3. Sending referral Traffic: Authority sites’ juice will help your page to get referral trafficking as crawler will crawl your page with authority site.
  4. Boosts Authority: Juice from authority webpages directly or indirectly derive suthority to your page.
  5. Build relationship: When both the websites work for the walfare of eachother, it will create good relationship between them.
  6. Make your page more powerful
  7. Gain more trust

6 types of Backlinks.

Types of Links are,

1. Internal Do-follow Links
2. External Do-follow Links
3. Subdomain Do-follow Links
4. Internal Do-follow Links
5. External Do-follow Links
6. Subdomain Do-follow Links
  1. Internal Do-follow Links- When you link two of your own articles of the same website by giving links and keep it a Do-follow Link
  2. External Do-follow Links – When you give link to any other platforms or websites and keep it a Do-follow Link
  3. Subdomain Do-follow Links – When you give link to your subdomain and keep it a Do-follow Link
  4. Internal No-follow Links – When you link two of your own articles of the same website by giving links and keep it a No-follow Link
  5. External No-follow Links – When you give link to any other platforms or websites and keep it a No-follow Link
  6. Subdomain No-follow Links- When you give link to your subdomain and keep it a No-follow Link

What are Do-follow and No-follow links?

Dofollow links pass authority when given to any page or other websites. When you give the Dofollow link to your own article, it also shares the link juice(authority) with that page. It means when the crawler will crawl your page, it will also crawl the Dofollow link pages with it. Hence, if you get any Dofollow links from any high authority page, it passes that authority to your page. In return, your page rankings will increase.

Nofollow links work vice versa. It does not pass its juice to others. If you keep any links Nofollow link, it means that it will not pass any authority to that page. When your page will be crawled, it will not crawl the linked page with it. Yet getting Nofollow links from high authority is also taken into consideration while ranking your site.

What types of links you should be built.

  1. Natural links( dont use links from softwares. it may give boost to your page for a while, but in long run it is not reliable)
  2. Dont use spammy websites or high spam score website(use moz bar to check its spam score)(minimum 30% spam score is allowed but try to keep it as less as possible)
  3. DOnt buy paid links or links in bulk
  4. dont buy it from only paid posts
  5. DOnt create links that are non-relative to your content
  6. maintain between dofollow and nofollow links

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