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The SEO-friendly title tag is a key factor for the SEO optimization of a website. It is the first visible thing for the specific search query. Writing an SEO-friendly Title Tags is the prior thing for any blogger.

Title Tag is the title of your Page that actually does not appear on the page but only in search results.

Optimizing Title Tag by below Elements


Your title tag is the first visible content to users before even the URL. Hence it is vital to write an SEO-friendly title tag. Create Title tag using primary keywords. Below is an example where,

https://ahrefs.com â€º blog › title-tag-seo <—— is an URL
How to Craft the Perfect SEO Title Tag (Our 4-Step Process)
<— is the title

Use specific keywords in Title Tag on each page to rank your website crawlable. It provides Information to crawlers about the relevancy of your page. An SEO-friendly Title tag will help crawlers to crawl the content on your page easily.

For example, if you are searching for the keyword, “perfect SEO Title Tag”, You might search for “How to create perfect Title Tag” So when you search for targeted keywords you get the results as above.

Note:-Also Use your Primary Keyword within 30% of your Title Tag.


To get best results, limit your Title Tag by 55-60 characters so that google does not cut or prevent it from best search results. It is not defined anywhere that long title tags do not rank in websites but when you search for any query, it is advisable that it should be fully visible. It will increase users experience.

Try to avoid all uppercase letters as it uses more space. You can either use every first letter in uppercase and rest in lowercase.

Meta Description

Meta Description is one of the meta tags on your page that provides information about the main content of your page. It helps the crawler read and understand the core of your content so it can list the data in Snippets. It is only displayed when the user demands a specific query. It is displayed in Snippets in the SERPs.

There were times when using the meta description in URLs was considered as one of the ranking factors. But in the current scenario, a well-written and relevant Meta Description has become crucial for appearing in Snippets. A qualitative Meta Description can bring traffic to your page.

Meta Description is the first thing users see when searching for a query along with URL and Title. It is the first impression of your page. Hence, it is highly important to write a well-targeted and quality Meta Description that attracts users to visit the page.

Use free or paid plugins to have a look at how your meta description will look.

Here are two free plugins you could use to check visible content in your meta description

  • 1.Portent’s SERP Preview Tool ( link- https://www.portent.com/serp-preview-tool/)
  • 2. Yoast (For WordPress users)

Note:- Never use marketing elements in Meta Description of your title tag. For example- Enroll quickly, 10% discount, leading institute of the town, and so on. This may lead to more marketing point of view than a description of your page. Crawler usually look for the core content of your page to optimize your website for search results not for marketing terms!

What should be the Length of a Meta Description?

  1. For desktop- 155-160 characters so that Google does not cut the description. If it is too long, Google will abbriviate it or replace it by ‘…’
  2. For Mobile- Around 120 characters.

Title Tags with Branding

Famous brands should always mention their brand names at the end of the title Tags. If there is space issues, it is suggested to shorten the title tag and with the help of pipes or hyphens add brand.



How to write SEO-friendly Title Tags-Rinkal

Learn what a Title tag is and how to write an SEO-friendly Title tags. Length, Keywords, meta description, and action words all you need to know!

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