What are Google Ads?

Google Ads- Search, Display & Video Ads + Ads Campaign

Google Ads came into existence in October 2000 just after the 2 years of introduction of Google.com. In October 2000, It was called Google Adwords.

Later in 2018, it changed its name to Google Ads.

Google Ads is a medium between Adverts and google platforms. It means if you want to display your ads on Google platforms, you have to use Google Ads to access the customers.

Why is Google Ads necessary?

As you know that SEO alone requires a time of (3-6 months) to make your page visible in SERPs. To avoid the wait and for quick results, you can use the platform called Google Ads.

Moreover, SEO requires constant efforts to rank your website on the first page of SERPs, but you don’t have to wait for this long to have results quickly and continuously.

Especially when you have a commercial website and you are looking for huge exposure to potential customers within a short span of time, You can this paid tool to increase the search results of your products.

It’s a fact that the more you focus on the right campaign with the right keywords, the more are the chances to get noticed by potential customers.

Google ads work as a tool to show up your ads when a person is searching for the same thing. It displays yours in the form of text, image, or video to the people who are interested in the same product that you are selling.

It ensures that you get maximum exposure in front of the right people. As well as it improves user experience by using your budget in the right way.

For example, you are looking for buying an IOS mobile phone. And you want to know the features of the mobile phone. You go on to Google and enter the keywords- ” iPhone 12 pro max features”

You will see that before you start to look for any specific website, you will see display ads first on the top with the same results. That Ads are Google Ads and it ensures that you get the exposure of ads at the time when the customer is looking for the same product.

Apart from this, you might have noticed that if you search for something in Google, you will get to see the ads of similar products on almost all the media you are using. Such as Facebook and Instagram.

There are two ways to use this paid platform.

  1. PPC-Pay Per Click
  2. CPM-Pay/Cost Per Impression

1. PPC-Pay Per Click

In this method, your budget will be deducted per click on your Ads by the customers. Once you will decide your budget and pay the money for marketing, it will automatically get deducted after every click. It could also be handled manually.

2.CPM-Pay/Cost Per Impression

Whereas here you have to decide the budget for 1000 impressions on one web page.

For example, If a publisher decides to charge $4.00 CPM, means the publisher has to pay $4 foe per 1000 impressions of the Ad.

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